Try Timeular and Unlock Your Time

February 16, 2021

Over at The Sky Floor, we are in the middle of trying a new service, Timeulur, for keeping track of our time. 

Timeulur is a time tracking tool with physical hardware. It comes with an app for desktop and mobile. The hardware is an eight-sided dice that connects via BlueTooth to your computer or phone. You tell it which task is facing up and then decorate that side to know what it represents. Then you are off to the races.

Time Tracking Can Be Useful or Useless

We still agree with Jonathan Stark and think Hourly Billing is Nuts. There are rare occasions where we will bill by the hour. If you work with us, you are going to get a project price. We will dive fully into that in another post. 

If we aren’t using Timeulur for tracking billable time, then why are we using it?

Timeulur is excellent for understanding your days, weeks, and months better. For example, I knew I had been spending more time than ever on video and phone calls. But how long? Using Timeulur with a side for phone calls is answering that question for me. 

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The best part is, having a physical device makes it super easy to remember to start tracking. You can tag the task later if you’d like, but you flip your dice over, and it follows along in the background. Brilliant!

Understanding Your Time

If you run an agency with employees, this may be a perfect solution to tracking the time your clients are getting from your team. You may even find you can bill more accurately. Again, I think billing by the hour isn’t a profitable or fair practice for you or your clients. But if you do, you are likely missing time spent – or you can simplify the tracking component of your work. 

Even if you project price, knowledge is power. You don’t need to bill by the hour to require an accurate picture of time spent. Knowing how long you spend on projects will help you figure out how to price in the future. It will shine a light on how accurate you are with your proposals. You will also be able to manage your time going forward more effectively.

10/10 Recommend

So far, our experience has been flawless. The product is more than reasonably priced. The ability to share Spaces between team members is fantastic. We are getting a better picture of our productivity through time and where our non-client work time is going. Knowing is half the battle. 

Head over to to learn more.

P.S.: We are not an affiliate with Timeulur, just satisfied customers!