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2021: Our Top Three Lessons

January 4, 2022

2021 was The Sky Floor’s best year since we officially started in 2009. We served over 40 clients in capacities ranging from ongoing maintenance, new website builds, branding, workshops, ad management, video, and content creation. 

We worked with various organizations, from non-profits like The Firehouse Community Arts CenterThe Bridge Teen Center, and the Dunham Foundation to churches like Soul City Church and Parkview Community Church and others in Texas and Virginia. We served a wide range of business clients like Compass MortgageSara Emmerson Coaching, and Academic Approach

We published over 175 blog posts and ran two giveaways, resulting in an over 300% increase in website traffic to Of that increase, we saw a 107% increase in organic traffic to our website, mainly from content creation. 

All of this activity resulted in a 16% increase in revenue over 2020, which was our prior best year in business. 

Here are our top three takeaways from this year:

One: Keep Creating Anyway

Writing a blog or creating your art, or doing anything that requires imagination takes energy, probably more energy than you have daily. But keep creating! 

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When you push through the malaise of consistent creation, you break into new territory and improve your craft. Growth can come through strategic rest, yes, but consistency has a unique way of developing new paths of creativity. So, keep creating anyway, even when you feel like quitting. 

Two: Strike While the Iron is Hot (Even if it burns sometimes)

It is tempting to start saying no more than yes to new inquires when you are getting super busy. I believe busy seasons are times to say no to draining work, but to say yes a little more than you think is wise. 

Why? Again, growth will happen as you stretch your limits. You will gain new efficiencies and projects you would have missed out on more than the revenue. Just know, sometimes the iron gets too hot, and you or your clients can get burned. The key is to keep an open heart and hands. Be willing to apologize and put in some extra effort. But if you don’t continue to mold your business while the iron is hot, it will be that much more difficult to bend it into the shape you want in the future!

Three: Always Explore New Opportunities (Especially when you are super busy)

Building on the last point, it can be easy to lay off continued growth when you are busy, but new opportunities will always come up, and taking them leads to next year’s growth. So say yes to the unknown when it aligns with where you want to go. Not every opportunity is equal, though, so be discerning in your yeses. 

We hope you had a great 2021 and that you are looking forward to 2022. If there is a way we can help you grow your ideas in 2022, please reach out and start the conversation. We would love to grow together this year!