the sky floor

Yes, we're twins...

The Sky Floor was founded in 2008 by Alan and Joel Miller, but we’ve been twins since leap day 1984. Somehow we still like each other after all these years. The synergy of twins (Twinergy?) is hard to put in writing, but it means you get two unique perspectives.

Perspectives complemented by a unity of action. Get to know us, and we think you will agree.

We were asked to share our experience of being leap day identical twins for PBS social media. Learn a little bit about us by watching the video seen by over 60,000 people on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

We're the only digital marketing business with a focus on a web run by identical twins born on leap day in the world. (Probably)

Leap day twins in the U.S.

Statistically there are only 674 pairs of identical twins born on leap day in the United States or just over 15,000 in the entire world. If you find another pair who can improve your digital presence more, hire them – and make sure to introduce us so we can shake their hands (and start the world’s first leap-day-twin-digital-marketing-conference)!

Why our small team is good for your project:


We are identical. Usually we look fairly similar but we frequently have different hair cuts that may impact how identical we look. 

We switched places once in elementary schools and the teachers knew but played along. We most likely will not try to switch places in the middle of your project. (But make no promises.)

Lifetime to date, we have not felt each other’s pain, though there is still time for that to happen. So don’t despair, becoming a client of ours is a sure-fire way to be the first to know if we do develop of psychic link.

Yes! Well, not really. But we are as close as any humans probably are to mind reading. A lifetime of being that close to another person gives you some pretty amazing abilities to know what the other one is thinking. 

We do! I am sure we wouldn’t be in business together if we didn’t. We not only enjoy creating together, we think it gives us a unique position in helping bring your projects to life!