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Category: Value

Value is one of the most important concepts when it comes to work. Producing clear value allows you to produce profit for yourself and your client. Below are some thoughts on creating value and charging for it from our decades of experience.

A paper burst with the word bang on it showcasing the art of complete solutions for blowing up your business.

Blow Up Your Business the Right Way: The Art of Complete Solutions

Is your service business stuck in ‘good enough’ mode, solving one problem only to leave another in its wake? Discover the untapped power of providing complete solutions, and learn how this simple shift could be the catalyst that makes your business truly thrive.

Irritated? Cut into the Why

Because I don’t find it acceptable to feel like snapping at my clients, I had to assess what was going on in my mind and heart. 

Real vs. Fake Grenadine

Every industry has constants that seem like a given, but if you keep your eyes open, you might find everyone has been buying the fake version.

How Much is a Counterfeit Dollar Worth?

Trust is the driver of value – even with our real currency. If I went and cut out a rectangular piece of paper and wrote $100, it is just as valuable as the real deal as long as everyone who will ever exchange it plays along.

Help! My Grapes are Sour!

Help! My Grape Juice is Putrid

One person can’t stand fermented grapes, and yet someone else is willing to pay the price for a house for a bottle of it.