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Nothing Wrong with Your Side Hustle, Just Drop the Hustle

May 11, 2021

Hus·​tle | \ ˈhə-səl’: energetic activity or a dishonest plan for getting money.

Neither description is very charitable to what you are trying to accomplish – the very definition of hustle sets your side gig up for failure.

Why do you have a side hustle? Are you trying to burn yourself out in a flurry of meaningless activity? Are you executing an evil, corrupt plan to fleece others for money? I doubt it. 

You probably want some extra income. You want to produce something of value for the world and cut your teeth on your passion project without missing your primary source of livelihood. You have an idea, hobby, or just a little extra time to explore creating value in the world. 

Hustle devalues what you are trying to accomplish. It sets you up for failure by conferring a cavalier attitude. 

Other words describe what you are doing and want much more effectively:

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Re-frame your ‘hustle’ as a positive because it is positive. You aren’t stuck in the status quo; you are building a life that isn’t just about getting to that couch at 8 pm every night to binge the latest Netflix release. Maybe it is time to turn that hobby into a business

Throw off the shackles of the side hustle and start to build something permanent and positive out of your side passion!