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7 Steps to Turn Your Hobby into a Business

January 20, 2021
  1. Start with one hour a day devoted to the business side. Turn off Netflix and Hulu for one hour a night and spend that time on strategic planning. Please don’t use this hour to do your actual hobby. Use it for marketing and developing your products and services. 
  2. Work on your minimum viable product. An MVP doesn’t mean garbage. You want to create the starting point for the value you offer your target market.
  3. Get your website set up. It is essential to have a digital presence. Squarespace is a great starting point but is going to be limiting in the end. (Contact Us if you want a more robust, scalable website)
  4. Talk to others who are succeeding in your space. Experts love to share knowledge. If you are in a competitive local market, reach outside of it online. The truth is, most successful people are happy to help, and you won’t be their competition for a long time. 
  5. Talk to your target audience. Get into conversations with those you want to sell your products and services to. Remember to get specific. Everyone is not a target audience, even if ‘everyone’ may want what you offer.
  6. Do the work. A friendly reminder that you have to do the work. Keep practicing, producing, and creating. 
  7. Ship it. Get it into the marketplace. You can dream up strategies, buy new gear, make your website perfect – and still sit on the sidelines. None of that is the goal. The goal is to sell your service/product, iterate, and learn. The goal is to launch your business and make a profit!