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Start with the Hard Part

August 24, 2021

It doesn’t matter what you are endeavoring to do; there will be hard work to do. It is just a fact of life. 

One lie of the modern era is that we can avoid the hard part, the challenging work. But it isn’t true. There is no secret to unlock or multi-level marketing promise that can bring you effortless wealth. No matter the “easy” part, real work lurking underneath makes the easy part look easy. 

You can start selling essential oils, but you have to market endlessly to your network and keep adding people to your network for it to work long term. 

You can use tools like Etsy to sell your crafts, but you need to get people to the shop and make the items you sell. 

You can start a YouTube channel, but you need to make consistent content and pivot until you find your niche – oh, don’t pivot content too fast because it takes time to find out what might stick. 

If you only had a million extra dollars, you could invest it and make even more money, but you need to make that first million, and choosing real investments isn’t as easy as your dreams make it seem. 

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My point isn’t to be depressing! Or to discourage you from starting your next adventure. Quite the opposite. I sincerely believe that everyone should be entrepreneurial. Still, the reality is, no matter how easy it looks when others are “living the dream,” there is difficult work under the surface of the arctic water. 

So, how do you approach your dreams?

Start with the hard part. Discover what it is. When you have that big idea you want to pursue, find people who are doing it already and find out what the hard part is. What didn’t they see coming? What keeps them up at night? What hurdle did they think they might not overcome?

If you can isolate the hard work, you won’t be surprised by it when it comes. You can start there – tackle the big problems or the time-consuming work first. 

Success is all about foundations. Building your foundation on the challenging, unseen work is a recipe for longer-term success. 

Nothing is as easy as it seems, but that is what makes work worthwhile and rewarding. So next time you find yourself dreaming about someone else’s success or you want to start a new business or hobby, start with the hard part.