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If I Were An Ad Exec: Light Beer Edition

August 25, 2022

This ad idea is born from my experience photographing over 100 weddings in the 2010s. If beer companies haven’t capitalized on the bridals party’s love of light beer yet, they should. Here is our take.

Int. City Brownstone
Groom walks down the hallway wearing tux pants and a white t-shirt untucked into a living room where his buds are all sitting talking. 

“There he is!” 

One friend slaps him on the back; another hands him an ice-cold light beer.

Ext. Big American City
A trolly barrels through the street.

Int. Trolly
The bride is with her bridesmaids and are dancing to a pop song. A few of them are also enjoying a light beer. 

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Ext. Downtown Street
The bridal party has their photos taken, and they have to hide their light beer cans behind their backs, so they don’t show up in photos. They laugh and make silly faces while telling stories. The camera angle from behind shows the cans behind their backs as the flash goes off in the foreground.

Int. Wedding Reception
The best man speech is ending. 

“Let’s just say we won’t talk about Cabo ever again. Here’s to your future and a lifetime of new stories to tell!” 

As he finishes, another groomsman is getting the bridal party new cans, and they all toast their light beers together. 

Int. Dance Floor
Everyone is dancing in slow motion, having a great time. A slight blur over the image reveals our title card. 

Title Card:
“Beer Brand” 
The official beer of bridal parties everywhere.