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Write it Again, Sam

November 3, 2022

Sometimes, when I sit down to write this blog, I wonder if I have already written about a topic or idea. The voice goes something like this, “don’t cover ground you already have, it will be boring, people will notice and you probably said it better the first time anyway!”

I am here today to firmly reject this voice in front of my peers and audience. You are welcome to read along if you’d like to. 

Here are the reasons I think writers should write it again anyway:

No one remembers or cares; if they do, it will be intriguing.
The cold reality is that very few will follow your work to the point of recognizing your past work. But if your content works, new viewers will be coming into the fold constantly, and they will never have seen your brilliant prior post. Write it again! 

Have you learned new things since the last writing? You probably need to write it again anyway.
I don’t know about you, but I am constantly learning and re-learning. And then doing it again. Heck, I realized I didn’t fully agree with something I wrote a few days ago, but I will let it stand for a while. Why? Because when I wrote it, I thought it was a good idea, even though a more significant philosophy of mine sustains my objection to it. (Do you have a defense lawyer in your mind?) Since the idea isn’t harmful to anyone, I want to keep it as a record of my thought process. 

Eventually, you will have a journey to review that topic and learn more from yourself than a particular old post could teach you.Recording your thought process can be valuable. The subtle shifts over time show growth and maturity. Reading a record of those shifts will produce an even more well-formed idea than the mere evolution of the concept possibly could. 

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Search engines will love you for it. 
If you write online, new content is King. When you write on a topic with frequency and recency, it signals the Google gods to present your content with a higher overall ranking. 

Don’t worry about covering the same ground again in your writing – the pros outweigh the cons.