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The Marvelous Power of Asking “Why Now”

February 24, 2021

Perhaps you decided that 2021 is the year you quit your day job and go all-in on your side hustle. Maybe you decided that your business needs a new website. Or, if you work with internal or external clients, they approached you for a new project recently. “Why now?”

“Why Now?” is intrinsically powerful. It clarifies the urgency and meaning behind the choices we make. It is a question we can ask ourselves and others with similar but different effects. 

The Formula

The formula is simple. 

(Motive) + (Urgency) = Why Now

It’s more than having a reason; it’s a reason in the present moment. Why is this important today, this week, or this month? You can’t focus on unlimited tasks or achieve endless goals. “Why Now” helps uncover your motive for your next move before making it – not just because it’s what everyone does next.

Asking Yourself

You probably have all kinds of goals you’d like to achieve at a given time. How do you pick which one to pursue now? Write out all your ideas and plans in one column, then in the next column, answer the question “why now.” 

“What do you mean why now?” It may end up feeling like a stretch at first. It probably feels like some answers don’t need this question. But you will be surprised what comes out when you dig into the formula. It may bring out a re-ordering of events. You may discover your motive needs more formation to achieve your goal altogether. 

Asking Others

Whether you work with internal or external clients, asking “why now” will help you serve them. Chances are, the people you are talking with don’t know the answer. Often the answer to this question feels obvious, so we don’t ask. You can help clarify the value and timeline of what they need by simply asking “why now.” Chances are, you will increase your real and apparent value just by asking this question.

It will be simple to guide others through this formula since you already did the work yourself!

Turn Off Auto-Pilot

Auto-pilot is excellent for cruising at altitude, but when it’s time to land the plane, it still takes an experienced pilot*. “Why now” is a great way to shut off the auto-pilot in your life and take the controls. 

(*Only 1% of landings use available auto-pilot

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