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More Tales from the Dentist: Sales Edition

April 29, 2021

Join me back in the dentist’s chair for a not so terrible tale

Invariably, every time I go to the dentist, they ask, “do you drink cofffee or tea?” To which I mentally reply, “I’m a human, so yeah.” But to them, I say simply, “yes.” 

They ask this because my years as a drinkaholic – a person addicted to beverages in all their forms – left minor staining on my teeth. The dental hygenist always says to rinse with water after every drink to help curb this coloration, and we move on with our appointment. 

A perfectly typical interaction. 

One day, as I am paying my appointment fee, I notice a sign for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening? They do that here? I had no idea. 

It got me thinking about this routine interaction about tea and coffee drinking. Why hasn’t the dentist’s team mentioned this whitening product they offer? They have had repeated chances. While I am not sure if I would use it, I would like to have known it was available! 

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Perhaps like many of us, they have a fear of selling. Or just a fear of appearing salesy. 

If you have identified a problem for a client, giving them a solution is not a used car salesman move. It is helping them. You don’t have to be pushy or heavy-handed, and they don’t have to buy today. But offering a solution is an act of generosity; you are making it easier for them to solve their problem, no sign reading required. 

If done correctly, always be selling could be re-stated, always be solving problems. 

How can you sell solutions to your customer’s and client’s problems and save them time, energy, and money?