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Every Fire Starts with a Tiny Spark

July 1, 2021

Every fire starts with a spark. 

There has to be a genesis. A catalyst. 

Wildfires are dangerous and destroy lives and property. I don’t mean to make an analogy out of something so destructive, but movements and ideas can also spread like fire – hopefully for good and not destruction. 

You can’t expect your idea, business, or movement to catch on unless you start leaving sparks in your world. It simply will not happen. 

A spark can be super simple. It certainly doesn’t have to be perfect or “ready”. 

Some sparks:

  • Sharing your idea with people who care (and will spread it)
  • Pitching someone who has succeeded in a similar space
  • Writing a blog post
  • Building a list
  • Making a landing page
  • Tweeting the idea

Creating a spark is an act of sharing at its core. Someone else has to see it or it will just fizzle into smoke.

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It’s true, not all sparks catch on. But by creating more and more of them, the chances of your idea burning brightly into the world and spreading increase exponentially.

What sparks will you fan into your world today?