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3 Simple Ways to Get Enthusiastic Leads via Your Website

April 7, 2021

Do you have substantial web traffic but are struggling to get great leads? You’re not alone! Here are three simple ways you can get more leads from your website.

Target the Already Engaged User 

You already have users and potential customers coming to your website. Why aren’t they subscribing, getting in touch, or booking a meeting? You haven’t asked them to!

Of course, your website has forms already, but you should specifically address the engaged user. 

What is an engaged user? It would be best if you decided for your purposes, but I would suggest two metrics: page views and sessions. 

Page views: If a user visits 4-6 pages in a session, they are an above-average user on most websites. Track this user and add them to an audience in Google Analytics. More immediately, show them a pop-up with a form in it. Address them as an engaged user and ask for their information. 

Sessions: After three or more sessions (return visits), a user is considered engaged. Create a message for them specifically by welcoming them back and asking for their information via a form. 

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Both: Use both metrics together to find those who are very interested in your website and speak to them specifically. 

Add Forms to Your Top Pages

Using Analytics, discover what your top pages of content are. Re-work that page to focus on opportunities to turn users into leads. 

The most basic way to do this is to add a form to your top-performing pages. Don’t just re-use your contact form here! Address the likely audience that visits that page and make the call to action related to that content.

Offer a Free White Paper or eBook.

If you are in an industry where you possess valuable knowledge and experience, you should be giving some of it away for almost free! It isn’t entirely free because they have to pay with their information. 

Creating an irresistible piece of content as an eBook is a great way to get a user off the bench and into the game. 

How do you make it irresistible? Solve a portion of an expensive problem for your user. For example, if you are a home builder, you could offer your users this: “5 Unforgivable Home Building Mistakes Everyone Makes.” You are helping to save your potential clients time and money – and you are displaying your customer service and expertise. You aren’t telling them how to build a house; you give them a blueprint on avoiding common mistakes.

Some other simple rules to help create your ebook or white paper. Make sure your content:

  • Is about what you do
  • Has a great title
  • Adds real value to the reader
  • Is well designed

You want to make it clear that they get a copy emailed to them – this is a great way to ensure you get real email addresses. If you use email marketing like MailerLite, Mailchimp, or many others, make sure to tag these subscribers with the download title for future use. 

If your white paper is valuable to your audience, you will get new and engaged users to offer you their information at a higher rate than a simple contact form. It is an excellent metaphor for business as a whole – create value and get something valuable in return!

Hopefully, these three simple strategies help you get more leads from your existing website!