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Now is the Right Time to Say What You Want

August 17, 2022

I recently heard a story from a partner business about some client work that went sideways. Our partner went through all their typical processes, and the client gave their thumbs up all along the way. 

Everything was done “by the books.” The most important stakeholders and decision-makers were involved in the process. But when they reached the end, the client decided they didn’t like the work. They said they never understood that the pieces they said yes to along the way would end up in the final product. 

It got me thinking, when is the right time to say what you want? Now

Even if they misunderstood the process for the product, waiting to express different tastes wouldn’t help anyone.

I think the temptation is not to rock the boat. To think, “we can get this ironed out later.” But every moment that passes where you fail to express what you want will, at best, delay the sharpening of the project and, at worst, produce something you won’t like at all. 


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If you are the client and aren’t seeing what you want, say it now – this is the right time. Later might be too late. You aren’t demanding, irritating, or needy – you are helping.