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A Surprising Reason to Start Writing a Blog: So YOU Can Read It

October 24, 2022

Blogging can be a powerful tool for your business. It drives Organic traffic to your website, helps you crystalize your thinking, and demonstrates expertise. I anticipated those benefits, but after blogging consistently for 18 months, I have discovered some more unexpected benefits to the practice:

  1. You can share your writing with others instead of saying the same thing repeatedly.
  2. You can read your ideas and benefit from them again and again.

Sharing is Caring

If you are like me, specific topics will come up again and again with your current and potential clients. Often, when I hit a certain level of repetition, I write a post about the topic – this helps me to formulate a well-thought-out response to common questions while possibly uncovering surprising wisdom lurking under the surface. Suddenly, a common question can have a thoughtful response that doesn’t require hours to craft a reply. 

The benefit doesn’t just save me time; it brings free knowledge and adds value to our client’s experience. They get a honed idea; I save time; we both win. 

But another added benefit comes from this process: I read my past thoughts. 

Read It Again

I believe this is the real magic of writing consistently – you can teach yourself again and again. Our brains do not hold all knowledge equally, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t done the work to think through something in the past. In simpler terms, we tend to forget stuff. Even thoughts that were at one time critical to our work or lives. Writing gives you the ability to remember what otherwise might be lost. A particular turn of phrase or way of breaking an idea down that otherwise would be forgotten is preserved. 

I often look back on past posts and find myself challenged anew by my thinking. Sometimes the challenge means it’s time to update the considerations. Other times it is a challenge from my past self to take heart and stay the course. Either way, it is unexpectedly sharpening. 

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If you are sitting on the fence about starting to write, jump in! The benefits far outweigh the burdens. You can save time by creating a library of content that will help you communicate effectively. And who knows, you might end up time-traveling to teach yourself a thing or two months or years later.