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WordPress: Which is the Best SEO Plugin 2021

May 20, 2021

In a land where Yoast reigns as King, is there a better option?

For the longest time, we used All-In-One SEO for WordPress, but their plugin seemed to grow stale as the marketplace matured. Full disclosure, I haven’t checked out what appears to be a very detailed, modernized plugin from All-In-One. After AIO, we moved with most of the rest of the WordPress community to Yoast. 

Chances are, if you have signed into any WordPress website in the last five years, you have encountered Yoast. There are over five million websites with it installed at the time of writing – putting it right at the top of the most used plugins. There is nothing wrong with how Yoast works or performs. But a couple of years ago, I was hungry for alternatives. I had grown tired of the interface in Yoast, and I love to support quality up-and-coming products. 

Enter SEOPress. SEOPress is a two-tier (Free and Paid) WordPress plugin that stars nearly all Yoast features with an easier-to-understand backend layout and tons of bundled-in features. You can import your setup directly from Yoast and other SEO plugins, making migration a breeze. The options page is simple to understand with no confusing buried settings. And the specific page layout makes much more sense to me. 

Some other features I love:

  • A spot to add in Google Analytics, including G4 tags and eCommerce.
  • Easy to configure schemas
  • Redirection management built-in.

Some of the features of SEOPress mean you can install one plugin where you might have used 3-4 before. While I don’t believe there is a target limit to the number of plugins your install has, fewer can’t hurt. 

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Perhaps the best part of all is pricing. SEOPress Pro has many additional features that are true must-haves – and it won’t even chip a corner off your piggy bank. For $39, you get all the Pro features on Unlimited sites. If you have ten sites to use for Yoast Premium, you are looking at over $700. 

Remember, you will not fool Google into outranking your competition with on-page technical SEO alone. SEO is the way signs pointing to where you are online. You still need to drive traffic to your website and increase your connectivity online. 

If you are looking for a handy comparison, SEOPress has one published here. We are not an affiliate for SEOPress. We gain nothing if you use their plugin – we believe it is an excellent tool for optimizing your website’s on-page SEO.