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Peeling Paint and Crumbling Code: Maintaining Your Online Presence

February 2, 2024

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t clean the floor in a week, it gets covered in crumbs, sand, and other debris? 

How about an entire house that has been left alone for years? When you drive by an abandoned house, you can tell it hasn’t been cared for. Even if no one is purposely vandalizing it, the paint starts to peel; the shutters fall, the wood porch rots, and the whole thing falls into disrepair. 

Cars do this same thing. The vehicle will stop performing well if you don’t get the oil changed and the brakes done. Even if you don’t drive it, a car that sits in a garage for 20 years untouched isn’t going to start right up without a new battery or new gas and other fluids. 

Why is that? Why don’t things stay as is, with no material change when left alone? 

Instead of diving into a philosophical lesson about whether things naturally tend toward order or chaos and why, I want to highlight that this is true for your business, too. 

If you walk away from even the finest-tuned marketing machine, it will run out of steam eventually. Of course, if you start from the highest possible position, you will have a longer runway before you feel the pain – but the pain will come.

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This applies to all facets of your business:

  • General Marketing
  • Ads Management
  • Customer Service
  • Sales 
  • Your website and more

I could dive into all these, but I want to pause on the website because we see a more significant gap here than almost any other category. Many business owners seem to view the website as a set-it-and-forget-it proposition, but it is among the most dynamic pieces of your overall strategy. No matter what technology you use to set up your website, the underlying aspects will change, requiring updates. In other words, the shutters will start to fall off, and the paint will peel, not because you did anything to cause it, but because it is like an abandoned house. 

The dirt builds up. The structure falters. The messaging gets old and tired. The visual identity doesn’t reflect who you are anymore. 

My goal isn’t to guilt you into working with us but to remind you that everything needs maintenance to perform at its best. If you have a deep-down expectation that your website should work forever, you must re-think that. After all, the health of your business may depend on it!

Nothing stays the same even when no one is actively changing it. The best way to stop this slow slide is to be proactive. Start today!