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Ever Ordered Pizza but Actually Found Amazing Customer Service Instead?

June 3, 2021

All I did was order pizza; why am I getting an email that says URGENT in all caps?

Some friends of ours in Mississippi recently welcomed a new baby into their family, and we wanted to send them some Chicago deep dish to say congratulations and save them from cooking a meal or two. 

Luckily, Lou Malnati’s has “Tastes of Chicago” for such an occasion. If you don’t know, you can get ready-to-bake Lou’s Deep Dish delivered anywhere in the country. It comes in two days packed with dry ice, so it stays frozen to pretty much anywhere. Plus, you can get more than Deep Dish, like Eli’s Cheesecake, Portillo’s, and Manny’s, to name a few. 

I build our online cart, not thinking much of the process or even thoroughly reviewing all the purchasing options. 

Shipping address, billing, pay – push the order into the internet ether. My wife tells me to send along the tracking number to warn our friends to keep an eye out. Nothing on day one. 


I wake up the following day to an email: “URGENT! Regarding your Tastes of Chicago Order.”

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URGENT! Oh no, what did I do wrong? Maybe they are out of the pizza I ordered. I call first thing when they open. 

“Hi! Mr. Miller, we just wanted to make sure you meant to order your four pizzas as two packages instead of one package of four. If you were to make it one package of four it is a better deal.” 

“How much better?”

“Let me see for you here… you will save around 40 dollars.”

Of course, I say yes, and have them throw in a cheesecake sampler from Eli’s too. And it was still less than my initial order! 

Here is top-notch proactive customer service. They could let it slide and make more revenue, and I would never know the difference. Not only will I order from them again without thinking twice, but I will also be sharing this story in person, aka word-of-mouth marketing. 

How can you help your clients or customers even when you don’t have to?

Kudos to a customer service environment that looks out for the customer when it could simply look the other way. 

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