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Ending the Decades Long Drink Menu Shortage

July 7, 2021

A decades-long crisis has been plaguing restaurants across the country; drink menus are going extinct. 

At least, I assume it is something like that. Every time I eat with a large party, the whole table gets exactly two drink menus, seemingly no matter how many adults are present. I can only assume that drink menus come on a rare paper that cannot be printed at scale. 

Have you had this experience?

  • You bring your large group into the restaurant.
  • They give you two drink menus, but everyone gets their own food menu.
  • In a cruel twist, they come and ask for drink orders first, even though there is no way you have all seen the scarce drink menus yet. 

The restaurant that can crack this code will revolutionize their turn rate and customer experience. 

  • Guests will be able to order their drinks when the waiter comes instead of sending them away.
  • It will reduce the time the table is occupied per group by valuable minutes, freeing it up sooner for more revenue.
  • Drinks are some of the highest margin items on the menu; make sure your guests can order easily and quickly. 
  • The guests will feel less flustered, trying to all share a limited resource.

Menus are cheap. If you run a restaurant, think about supplying enough menus so your guests are prepared for that inevitable first question, “what can I get you to drink?” 

Your customers and bottom line will thank you. 

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