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Burnt Garlic Rice

October 11, 2021

Yesterday I was browsing Yelp looking for new places when I passed by this suggestion for a local Indian restaurant. I had to read it three times because we expect negative words to be part of a bad experience, not just a description.

I don’t know about you, but my first thought when I hear the word “burnt” regarding food is that something went wrong. But that isn’t always the case.

At this Indian restaurant, “burnt” is a feature of this rice dish. It is overcooked intentionally as a style of preparation, and guests expect it to be crispy and full of garlic flavor.

The point is, almost anything you can think of is a feature, not a shortcoming, even your food being “burnt.”

As a marketer and entrepreneur, you should consider features, benefits, and, most importantly, audience.

You can start with your big idea and then find the audience ready for it or decide to serve a particular group of people and design your big idea around that. Either way, it is crucial to understand that not every idea is for everyone, which is a good thing – just like “burnt rice.”

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