30 Blog Posts in 30 (Business) Days – Impressive Results

March 3, 2021

This post marks the 32nd consecutive blog post we have published on our website in 32 business days. How is it working? Are people reading it? Does a blogging strategy work, and is it worth the effort?

From my first post on January 18th until February 28th, we saw a 55% increase in traffic to our website over the prior period. Compared with the previous year, that growth climbs to 131%Compared with the previous period, there is a 50% increase in time on site.

Most impressively, Organic Search is up 71% from the prior period – which is an enormous uptick considering our Organic Search was down slightly year over year.  

Increase in Traffic YoY
0 %
Increase in Time on Site
0 %
Increase in Organic Search
0 %

30 Days Isn’t Long Enough

These results are more or less real-time. The idea behind creating content is to capture the long tail of Organic Search – to cover a wide array of adjacent topics, so your website shows up in more obscure searches over time. I am excited to report progress after six months or a full year of blogging.

Start Today

I think you should write, even if it didn’t generate traffic and searches. Getting your ideas on ‘paper’ is unique in its ability to stretch and then codify your thinking. My primary goal has always been to improve my writing and hone my ideas through practice. It is just a massive bonus that, along the way, others will come with you too.

Maybe you are like me and always wanted to create content but just haven’t put the fingers to the keys consistently. Hopefully, it is inspiring to you that we are doing it! We want to be transparent about the results of our marketing efforts so you will learn from our experiences. 

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