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10 Signs Your Relationship With Your Agency Is Toxic

February 1, 2021
  1. You feel like you have to hunt them down to get a reply or a deliverable.
  2. You aren’t excited to get on a call or pitch a new project to your agency team.
  3. You feel a constant general level of stress when it comes to the work the agency is doing.
  4. Even if you are on a retainer, it seems everything is a nickel-and-dimed upcharge.
  5. They gaslight you by making you question if you remember conversations correctly. 
  6. Your agency complains to you about other clients regularly – they are probably telling their other clients complaints about you too.
  7. Feedback on calls is becoming harsh instead of honest. You want honesty and expertise, not cruelty masquerading as it. 
  8. They are keeping score. You are always waiting for the scorecard to come out and show all your prior wrongs. 
  9. You are keeping score. You want to have a healthy, productive work relationship. Keeping track of wrongs against your agency is a sure sign your relationship needs to change or end. 
  10. The agency no longer amplifies your strengths. Outside marketing partners are all about highlighting your current strengths. When the focus shifts to your weaknesses, your relationship has become toxic. 

Having a toxic relationship in any sphere of life isn’t healthy. At least with friends and family, there is an incentive to work it out. If you are in a toxic relationship with your marketing agency, get out now. It rarely improves. The slow burn of a souring relationship will impact the quality of their work for you. And it may effect your overall success too.

Here is the bottom-line: you hired them, and you can let them go. Find an agency that relieves stress instead of creating it!