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October 13, 2021

Your Hold Music is Way Too Optimistic

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Have you ever been on hold with a business that has just one hold song? 

Yesterday I was on hold with a company that had a short 2-minute song as their hold music. I have never been on hold for 2-minutes in this sort of situation, and this was no exception. After the third time the song repeats, it only serves as a reminder that you are on hold for a long time. 

It signaled that they imagine their customers will not be on hold for a long time but that they are entirely wrong – not a good experience. 

Being on hold is already bad enough; an annoying singular song makes the experience worse. 

You have to step into your customer’s shoes in every way you can. If your business has hold music or messaging, make it long enough, avoid pure propaganda, and call in every once in a while to make sure the experience isn’t grating. 

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