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You Never Forget How to Ride a Blog

August 26, 2022

If you are a regular visitor to our blog, you probably noticed a big gap this year in posting. The daily practice of writing was difficult to maintain with different life and work circumstances. When I decided to start up again, I was worried that getting back into the rhythm would be challenging. To my surprise, it came as quickly as getting back on a bike after years of not riding. 

“You never forget how to ride a bike.” The adage is relatively accurate. Find someone who used to ride all the time as a child but hasn’t in 20 years, and they will struggle for a very short time before riding like an old pro. 

It occurred to me that you never forget to ride a bike because you do it so much when you are young that the muscle memory solidifies in your mind and body. In other words, it becomes a habit. 

Habit: a settled or regular tendency or practice. 

Without trying to, I made writing and posting a habit as well. It was so routine that the practice became muscle memory. So even after months off, the return felt natural. For some reason, this came as a surprise to me. It got me thinking about what other tasks, goals, and creative work I can make a habit of. 

It can be challenging to form good habits, but it is worth the effort. Maybe you need to expand your view of what you can habitualize. Perhaps you must work on developing good habits, so you never forget how to do them. 

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If you are interested in diving deeper, I highly recommend James Clear’s excellent “Atomic Habits.” It is a massive best-seller for a reason. It is easy to digest and contains excellent advice.