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What Marvel’s Movie Intro Teaches About UX

December 9, 2021

It is no secret that in my house, we are Marvel fans. We love watching the movies, shows and catching every ScreenCrush easter egg video immediately after watching. 

Have you watched Marvel content? Or maybe you love a good Podcast like Serial, S-Town, Heavyweight, or a myriad of others. 

One thing Marvel and Podcasts and many other media have in common is a memorable introduction that plays every time you watch or listen. The genuinely great intros I let play instead of skipping. Why? It brings the comfort of familiarity and ushers you into what you are about to encounter. 

It becomes a waypoint on the map of your experience – the proverbial “You are Here” on the shopping mall kiosk map. 

Humans thrive on the sense of the familiar. Even if you challenge the status quo, you will find tremendous success if you wrap it in the usual. 

So how can you incorporate a waypoint of familiarity into your customer or user experience? If you have a store, how can you make entering it a familiar and friendly experience that sets excellent expectations? How can you personalize the experience, so your users feel seen on your website?

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In short, how can you make an intro your customers and users don’t want to skip? 

Whenever possible, let’s create experiences that engage, personalize, and invite our audiences into our work.