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The Ultimate Guide to Building a WordPress Website in 2018

November 21, 2022

This morning I decided to hop on over to one of my favorite AI writing tools to get some fresh ideas for writing blog posts. I gave it the input “WordPress Website Development,” and in return, it gave me three outputs of potential blog titles:

  • 3 Steps to Hire the Right Website Developer for Your Project
  • How to Develop Your WordPress Website: A Beginners Guide
  • The Ultimate Guide to Building a WordPress Website in 2018

Ok. So, not bad overall – they all sound like articles I would read or write. But in case you missed it, IT’S NOT 2018.

The headline year seems like a fundamental thing to miss. 

If you aren’t familiar with Artificial Intelligence writing tools, they are computers that learn based on an algorithm and can pump out new content based on little guidance. In recent years, technology has advanced, and hundreds of these tools are available. They are helpful as just that, tools, but we still need human input, editing, and intelligence.

Don’t overlook your value, even as computers become more competent. 

AI tools can be helpful, but they aren’t replacing you anytime soon – you still need to bring HI (human intelligence) to the table.

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