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August 6, 2021

The Top Hack to Revolutionize Your Social Media

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Just kidding. 

There is no single “hack” that’s going to turn you into a Kardashian.

I love to imagine that there is a single trick I can employ to become a social sensation. It seems like there must be a secret, right? Huge social accounts feel like they take-off randomly or overnight, which makes it feel like a secret formula is hidden just out of sight. But there is no secret hack.

There is “one” thing you can do, though, that will make a huge difference.

I’ll give you a hint – it isn’t:

  • Posting every day!
  • Curating an image style that you can never stray from
  • Posting only in 16:9
  • Using 60 hashtags after six rows of periods
  • Starting an IGTV show
  • Being so on trend you actually have to hop in a Delorean to return to 2021 to post

None of those things are intrinsically wrong, and some of them will help build your presence, but unless you are gaining followers from other channels too, it will only go so far to add to your numbers. 

So what is the hack? Drum roll, please:

Get out there and interact socially on your social media. 

If you want to grow your social media presence, you need to engage with other users and accounts. When people comment, you write back. Find like-minded people and engage with them on their channels. Invite people in. Make it clear this is a place you spend time.

It can’t be passive. Save your social distancing for in-person pandemics.

The dangerous assumption is that social media is a “free” way to get followers. Then you just post them thinly veiled ads until they buy what you’re selling. But, if you want social to be a legitimate marketing channel, you must actively engage with users. 

You can revolutionize your social media presence by consistently showing up and becoming an active participant instead of merely passively posting. 

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