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The #1 Way to Win at Your Web Design Project

June 28, 2021

If you are starting a new web design project with an agency or developer, you can control the entire timeline with this one simple rule. 

We have all heard of web design projects expanding weeks or months past their proposed launch date. Sometimes, it feels like the rule rather than the exception. 

There are two huge reasons this happens: 

  1. Delay in getting content to your vendor.
  2. Delay in feedback to your vendor.

Delay in feedback is an issue, but you can clear it more quickly than content generation. In other words, you can always make a choice and put that feedback in an email or a phone call. But, it is much more difficult to conjure up your website content quickly. 

The #1 Way to Win Your Web Design Project

Have your content ready before the project starts. 

Have it ready before you even get proposals and hire anyone to do it!

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If you can have your website content ready to go, you will control the project’s timeline. You will hold all the cards. Have all the power. And the truth is, your vendor will love you for it. Both sides of the agreement win if the developers can create the website as soon as the design direction is locked. 

There are other benefits to having pre-built content as well:

  • More accurate pricing, i.e., quotes or proposals
  • Strategic consulting before the build stage is easier
  • The design phase is absolute and not theoretical.
  • Quick launch timelines are possible!

If you are considering a new website soon, start on your content now. You don’t want your agency sitting around waiting on you and losing steam on the project. 

Having your content ready to go before you hire your website designers and developers is the #1 way to win and get your web project completed on your terms.