The #1 Thing People Get Wrong About Websites in 2021

March 23, 2021


Did you find the main point in the jumble above? What if I highlight it – Hdfnlwaulbjbafvabvldfabvalthemainpointnlarlihaglnlresurdtsnlungr!

Putting “the main point” in bold does help, but it’s still hard to read. 

How about now?

The Main Point

Exhale. Now that you can read it clearly. No hunting for the big idea.

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Is your website missing the main point? 

Is it like the department store of websites – trying to offer everything you do upfront and center with equal weight placed on all? (Although that isn’t a fair comparison, even department stores feature a few selected products in their window displays.)

So many websites try to say so much that they say nothing at all. The hard work of creating a website isn’t the literal design or technology; it’s honing what to say. It is sharpening your message until it is singular in focus, aimed right at the audience you wish to address. 

Your website isn’t for everyone, right? Quit trying to make your message so broad that no one sees how they fit into your product or service. 

On Your Website, Saying Less is More

With few exceptions, saying less is more. I am not saying to have short copywriting. Length is not always the enemy, murkiness is. You should pick a message and focus on it. 

Even if the ideas don’t compete with each other, websites with too many messages turn off potential customers. 

On our home page, you will always find some language about The Sky Floor being your guide to managing your digital presence. We could say so much more! We can help you with ads, your website, video, audio recording, logo, brochures and content strategy. If we tried to say all of that, the website would be a jumble of information with a buried main point, just like the first jumble of words on this post. We distilled all of the work we love to do with clients into “improving digital presence.”

Find your main point and bring it out. If you are having trouble, start with highlighting it amongst your other information, like when I bolded the words in the jumble. But, if you want to increase engagement, conversions and reduce confusion completely, bring your main point out on its own and let it shine!