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September 22, 2021

Stop Fussing Over Fonts

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I know we posted twice already this year about Google Fonts for the web that we are using all the time, but I have an import PSA: stop fussing over fonts! 

I am not saying to stop caring about how your font looks or how readable it is. But your font will not move the needle for your project. Unless you are using the wrong language for your audience, finding the “perfect” font will not move the needle on your project. 

Steve Jobs famously wore the same blue jeans and black turtleneck every day to devote his attention to tasks he deemed more important. I think many design and font choices merit the same approach – if you can’t find a font you love, default to a classic like Helvetica or Open Sans. 

Taking the fuss out of small decisions frees up your energy to focus on bigger fish. Time is our most limited resource: you can earn more money, book more clients, make new friends, hire new employees, but you cannot escape the sun going around the earth. 

If you find yourself fussing over fonts, take out the old black turtleneck and turn your attention to more meaningful work. 

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