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Steal Your Customer’s Shoes

February 9, 2015

Have you ever used a product, or even just opened it, and realized that no one on the product team must have used a final version before it hit the market? Have you walked into a store and felt like the shopping flow was confusing or the menu could have been clearer?

This can be avoided. We must place ourselves with fresh eyes in the shoes of the customer. Do not let the curse of knowledge, i.e. knowing how it works already, blind you to the jargon, experience or misunderstandings a customer who is not knowledgable may have.

Sometimes it is easy to think like this when we are launching a new product or business but we must continue to see as the customer does. To be a critical customer. How does it feel to walk in to my store? To shop on my website? To open my product’s packaging?

If you are consistently filtering your efforts through this lens you will avoid errors which create a less noteworthy experience. You will put less barriers between customers having a great experience with your product or service.

Another tool is to practice your critical thinking when you visit other businesses. What do they do well, or what can be improved? Start to take that same practiced critical thinking and apply it where it isn’t as easy with your own business.

The golden rule is not just for friends and family. Treat your customer as you wish to be treated. To put it another way, create the experience you want to have.

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