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Spot this Sign Your Company Like Likes You

November 10, 2022

Employees can readily feel undervalued; if you are an employee, here are signs your employer values you, even when they aren’t saying it. 

Time and time again, I have heard complaints from employees that they aren’t valued. If you are an employer, one of the best things you can do is effectively communicate how much your employees mean to you. If sharing that with your employees isn’t a skill you are enhancing, I suggest you start today.

But what happens if you are the employee and you already feel undervalued? Well, you can just quit. But that isn’t realistic for most people. So much is a matter of perspective, and there are probably signs you can look for that your company does value you! Why does it matter? Because you will work better if you know that you are appreciated, which helps you as much as it helps your boss. 

Here is one sign that doesn’t feel like an affirmation, but it is:

  • They invest in new tools for you, like subscriptions or computers.

Simple, I know. But it is important to remember that any tool that seems like a given (“obviously we need this to do our work”) costs the company money they probably could avoid spending. They don’t have to upgrade your computer or buy that new SaaS product subscription that costs hundreds a month for your seat – but they do it because they believe in you. They believe in you enough to think that the cost will help you do your job more effectively. It may not feel the same as a raise, but if their investment in you helps you do your job better, it may become a salary raise later – and it still costs them real cash to do it. 

I know it may be cold comfort when you feel undervalued, but looking at how your business invests in you at their expense shows they value you. 

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On days when you feel like giving up, look for these small ways your company is saying they value you and let it influence your attitude.