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Novelty isn’t Innovation

October 7, 2022

the quality of being new, original, or unusual.Oxford Dictionary

Novelty can capture our attention and create the sensation of a “must-have.” Something new and unusual can capture our attention and even create demand. But will that fervor dissolve as quickly as it materialized? 

When creating new features, ideas, services, or products, build them for the long term. You don’t want to create something that quickly wears off (unless that is your goal). The promise of the new and unusual is an excellent marketing force, but if it has no lasting utility or beauty, it will not be a powerful tool for long. 

To thrive, you will need an infinite supply of future novelties. 

Instead of aiming for the new, original, or unusual on its own, shoot for usefulness, beauty, and genuine innovation – if the result is novel, wonderful! But if you build in the other order, don’t be surprised if the shine wears off, causing you to reinvent constantly. 

Novelty isn’t the enemy, but it is a lousy replacement for authentic innovation. 

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