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Monthly Plans

Get started today with a full-service monthly plan. This is the option for you if you want us to become your "on-staff" web team. We take care of everything from design to hosting to on-going maintenance.

The Start Up Plan 🏁

$1,500/month for 12 months

Perfect for small businesses and startups.

The Start Up Plan is perfect for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs who are ready to do something but are not sure exactly how. You get all the tools you need to launch yourself into the world, without the risk of investing in the wrong idea. 

The eCommerce Plan 💵

$2,500/month for 12 months

Perfect for anyone selling anything.

The eCommerce plan is for you! We take our experience building top performing stores and create a website that converts and grows. Let us take care of the hard parts so you can focus on what only you can do; turn great ideas into products and services that people want.

We will never compromise speed, ease of use, or security. Our team is committed to providing you with an outstanding shopping experience, no matter how big or small your business is. 

The Everything Bagel 🥯

$3,750/month for 12 months

When you want it all, this is for you.

You know what stinks? When you need a new website and can’t afford to hire an in-house web team. But you also don’t want to spend countless hours trying to learn how to do it yourself or to train your marketing team to do it.

The Everything Bagel is the answer. We design, build, maintain, speed test, secure, and update your site for you. You get top-notch support and service without any of the hassle. So sit back with your favorite bagel (of course it’s an everything bagel, bonus points if you like it with lox and cream cheese) and relax!

Think of us as your “on-staff” web team. You get top-notch design and save money  in the process (taxes and benefits add up, right?). If that is’t a win-win, what is?

What happens after 12 months?

There are a couple of options after the intitial contract period:

One of business partners putting signature on last page of financial contract after negotiation

Renew for 12 more months

Your website shouldn’t grow old and languish. For clients who decide to renew the full contract, we start redesigning the site again. Whether that is a complete overhaul, incremental, or a brand new take on your content is up to you. But you get the same great all inclusive service with a fresh 12 month period for major work. 

Serious experienced male system administrator with tablet computer standing before computer hardware

Switch to a maintenance only hosting plan

Instead of continuing the larger scale design and content changes, we simply ensure high-speed hosting, security, and core updates. Analytics reporting is available as an option. 

Starting at $300/mo