March 19, 2021

Mini Rant: 3 Annoying, Unexpected Website Behaviors

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Pseudo-Logged-In States

If you don’t know, a pseudo-logged-in state is when a website acts like you are logged in, but when you click “Dashboard,” you have to sign in any way. 

I can’t stand this! 

I’d rather know if I need to log in. Feeling like the website knows who I am isn’t as important to me as knowing how much effort I have to make to use it. 

You Get a New Window, and You Get a New Window

Some websites think they are the Oprah of new windows. If every click I make opens a new window, I will probably leave the website. 

There are two exceptions to this:

  1. If the link leads away from the website, or
  2. The link opens new content, but the last page has utility in remaining open. (For example, a link directory)

If you have a website, try to be meticulous about new windows opening from links. 

All Pop-Up Everything

Pop-ups can be a helpful tool, both for your marketing and your users. For example, there is no better way to offer a discount to a repeat user. However, we have all been on a website where we are bombarded with pop-ups. 

I recently realized that I had too many pop-ups flying in on our website. I failed to set a rule so that multiple pop-ups would not show to the same user. I am still tweaking the rules.

Regularly check out your website as if you were a new visitor – then make any adjustments needed to make the experience worthwhile and not annoying.

What are your biggest pet peeves on websites? Are there any on this site?

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