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It’s Always Dirtiest by the (robo) Vacuum

December 14, 2021

A few years we welcomed “Frank” into our home. He wasn’t that smart, but what he didn’t have in brains he made up for in tidying power. He wandered the house from 1 am until about 2:30 am every night while we slept upstairs. He slept most of the day unless we needed him for something, then he would circle our messes in a daze of cleaning. 

Of course, “Frank” wasn’t a charity case house-guest, but the name our kids gave our new robovac a couple of years ago. 

Having a vacuum automatically clean up every night while you sleep is a game-changer when you have little kids. As you empty the dust bin every morning, one must wonder how all this dirt and dust was left to cover the floor before you had the Robo-vacuum. 

As time marched on, I started to notice that while the rest of the floor looked pretty spotless every morning, the area where “Frankie” napped all day was dusty and dirty. Every night he would head home and drag a little bit of debris with him, depositing it next to his station just as his motors were shutting down and no longer sucking up filth. 

Even though it was “Frank’s” job to clean our house, his little corner of it was consistently dirtier than the rest. 

Are you like “Frank”?

For years The Sky Floor didn’t have a fully functioning website, even though that is our primary business. It’s the proverbial shoemaker whose kids have no shoes. I am not scolding you. Our business grew steadily without a complete website. But I am challenging you to clean the area where you live. Work on yourself and your business. That is real work, too – and it is the only work that results in long-term growth.

If you don’t have time, don’t despair. “Frank” was still doing a killer job. But consider carving out time to move the needle on your projects, business, and brand – you won’t regret it. 

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