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Is Your Website Agency Hurting Your Business?

June 18, 2021

Hurting is a strong word, but even if your website agency helps a lot of the time, do they sometimes hurt your business? 

We have looked at when a client/agency relationship is toxic, is there another layer to the onion that impacts outcomes?

Recently we had a new client with a primary web agency, and they brought us in to do some minor work on a secondary property. Because of the primary agency, several pieces of the project had to go through their team. What should’ve been a simple task that would take a couple of hours extended in a multi-week endeavor. 

How does this hurt the business? To me, speed and agility are critical in the marketplace. This delay is just one example of a pattern of slow movement typical of larger agencies – it may not matter too much this time, but what happens when you need actual speed? All too often, these delays come with a side-serving of attitude too. 

Additionally, if your agency is nickel and diming you, that is hurting your business too. Budgets are useless if you can’t rely on them. While the occasional overage is expected (at The Sky Floor, we rely solely on fixed prices, so there is never a surprise invoice), it will start to hurt your bottom line and other marketing efforts if it becomes a common occurrence. 

I realize I am living in a glass house; it is impossible to be perfect for client response times for every client, every time. But if your website agency has a consistent pattern of delays, extra costs, and bad attitudes, think about taking your business somewhere new!

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