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If I Were an Ad Executive: Yelp Mother’s Day

September 13, 2021

I recently had the idea that “Mom” could be a place on Yelp where users review their own mom positively for all she has done. Why not make it an ad campaign? Yelp could generate awareness and goodwill for their brand by letting users leave tributes to their moms in the Yelp format with a special “place” page just for that. Here is my ad vision to bring the idea to life.


A series of slow rearward dolly shots set with motion control to be the same speed. Film style grading with warm tones. 30-second TV version but also has cinematic paced 60 and 90 second for online placements. 

Casting: Various “moms” and children. Diverse. 

Int. Bedroom

The clock reads 2:45 am, and a baby is crying. “Dad” rolls over to return to sleep, and “Mom” rubs her eyes and gets up. 

Int. Bathroom

A three-year-old boy has a scraped knee, and “Mom” bandages it and kisses him on the forehead. 

Ext. School Building 

The camera looks through the driver’s side window toward school; a 4th-grade girl runs out toward the car with red eyes, and “Mom” holds up an ice cream cone. 

Various Shots Start as a Single but Build into a Multi-Split Screen Montage

“Mom” drops a child off at soccer. “Mom” drops a child off at swim meet. “Mom” and child are running into hockey practice – 

Dialogue: Hurry, hurry, we’re going to be late. 

“Mom” picks up a child at football. The same mom picks up a second kid at ballet and a third child holding a chess set. All panels car doors close at the same time.

Int. Home

“Mom” yells after a teenage girl running out of the door wearing a prom dress. 

Dialogue: You look great! Be home by 10:30 pm.

Various Shots Start as a Single but Build into a Multi-Split Screen Montage

“Mom” is serving dinner and cutting lunch items—packing lunches. Cooking dinner. She is teaching a child how to cook. Picking up to-go food from a restaurant. Finally, “mom” on FaceTime showing her child what to do next. It ends with each panel’s mom saying “Enjoy” in a different language or way.

VO: (to start so that it ends on the title screen)

This mother’s day, we remember all the late nights and early mornings, scraped knees, car rides, and packed lunches. 

There is no place quite like being with your mom. 

Stop by to leave your 5-star tribute to your mom.

Yelp Logo and URL

(Yelp page set up to filter out any profane or 1-star mom reviews, review box encourages creative writing and a way to share it with the user’s mom.)

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