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If I Were an Ad Executive: Amazon Edition

June 24, 2021

Mary Poppins Magic Bag

Int. Banks Home

We open with a re-creation of the famous Mary Poppins bag scene ending, and Mary Poppins closes her magic bag and leaves the room.  

She sits, slumping down into an armchair, exhausted from a long day of nannying. 

Her bag crumples lifeless to the side of the chair, and she pulls out a smartphone. 

POV: We look over her shoulder as she browses through her phone past an email from Bert with the cartoon penguins on vacation in Miami. 

She scans through a voice memos app that has a list of song titles:

  • For medicine: A Spoonful of Sugar
  • For trouble eating: The Neat Way to Eat
  • For happy endings: Let’s Go Fly a Kite

They are a mix of classic Mary Poppins songs and ones we haven’t heard. She scrolls quickly down, and we see many more ideas scroll by.

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Phone Close Up: A notification appears: “Michael wants a night light”.

Mary reaches down into her bag and rifles around. She pulls out a rubber duck, squeaks it, and shakes her head with a smirk. She pulls out a giant stuffed animal giraffe head and quickly shoves it back down. 

Jump Cut

Mary is on her phone again, and she clicks the Amazon app. She navigates to “Lists” and selects one titled Mary’s Magic Bag. She scrolls, finds a magical-looking nightlight, and presses “Buy Now.”

The camera pulls back: we see her bag shuffling, and a hand pushes out of the opening with a classic Amazon box and hands it to Mary. There is a closeup of the handoff.

Off-screen dialogue:

Mary Poppins
“Why thank you.”


Something for everyone, even if you have a magic bag.
(Alt. Amazon Prime, practically perfect.) 
Millions of items in stock for same-day Prime delivery.

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