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If I Were an Ad Exec: Scotch

January 6, 2022

Ext. North American Suburb

The commercial opens with a 6-year-old girl learning to ride a bike with her dad. Flash forward ten years, we see him teaching her how to drive. Flash forward ten years, and he is walking her down the aisle. 

Ext. South American Forest

We see a forest being cut down and hauled away. Flash forward ten years, a group of environmental scientists surveys the area and planning on an iPad in the field. Flash forward ten years, our lead scientist is watching as birds fly out of a young forest. 

Int. Scotch Distillery 

A distiller fires up a still and makes adjustments. He chars a barrel in slow motion. A batch of whiskey is streamed into the barrel and put into storage. Flash forward ten years, and he is pouring it into bottles. 

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Int. Wedding Reception

At the wedding reception, our father, daughter, and new son-in-law toast with scotch glasses. 

Int. Pub

Our scientist and his team laugh over a pour of scotch. 

Voiceover Final Scenes

In ten years, everything can change. Here’s to the next ten.

Title Card:

“Scotch Brand” 10-Year Logo

For those who only get better with age.