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How Our Backyard Birds Have an Important Lesson to Teach

February 2, 2023

Whenever we put out fresh birdseed, especially in the winter, it takes days and days for a significant quantity of birds to come to the feeder. The occasional passerby stops for a peck or two of some seed, but the feeding frenzy takes a while to develop. My theory is that it takes a bit for the birds to chirp little whispers to each other about a full feeder out there in the woods. 

I have noticed that once the word is out around bird-town, the birdseed rapidly disappears. Interestingly, when I refill the feeder right away, the frantic pace continues as if nothing changed. But if I happen to wait and the feeder sits empty for a few days, the birds are slow to return again. Almost like it’s the first time I put it out.

The same is true for your product or service. 

Starting up, getting the word out, and building your audience takes time. Word has to travel. But once you get traction, be ready to keep the product, content, or service coming. If you accidentally interrupt the cycle of interest, you risk losing momentum. 

This isn’t based on a scarcity mindset – you don’t need to stress out or get while the getting is good or you are doomed – it isn’t a zero-sum game. But it is a call for preparation. To plan on your efforts paying off. Once customers start coming, be ready to meet them there consistently with your offering. To use classic market terms, be ready to meet demand with more supply. Otherwise, it might just take another few days for the word to get around that your feeder is full again. 

Make sure you plan for success and be ready to scale. If you halt your momentum, you may spend needless time simply getting demand back. 

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