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Have You Seen the Fun Classic “Connect 4” Lately?

November 2, 2022

Not all innovations are massive in size; some make a classic game just a little bit better.

The other day, my kids were playing Connect 4, and I immediately noticed something was out of place. I sat in front of enough Connect 4 sets to know; it shouldn’t look like that. With the help of Google Images, I discovered I was correct – the design had changed – for the better!

Do you see it? The version we have catches all the pieces when you drop them. They don’t roll all over the table and onto the ground. This is a minor innovation, but it makes playing it more enjoyable – if not a little too predictable 😆. 

Playing with two kiddos under eight years old, the lack of pieces flying all over the place was very welcome. It got us back to playing the game quickly. To me, this is how Connect 4 should be. Maybe you can discover an improvement to your product or service if you take off the chains of hunting for something huge. 

Not all innovations have to be a massive sea change. Sometimes a little change can make a big difference. 

(Side note: I was unable to discover if you can even get this version anymore. Some travel versions catch pieces, but this one isn’t for sale at major retailers. I am shocked by this, as it seems like a great iteration to make the game more about the gameplay and less about gathering pieces. But perhaps I am alone in that thought, and they quickly returned to the classic design. If you know the story, fill us in below!)

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