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Genuine or Fake: Your Choice

May 26, 2021

There is a growing trend of creating completely fake content by influencers and would-be viral video stars. Whether it is a food hack that is impossible and dangerous, like cutting strawberries by shaking a bin full of the delicious red fruit and blades or turning an Orange into Jello with a torch and drill, the internet is full of people chasing fame over reality. The bogus videos extend well beyond food hacks into making staged videos about men being sexist pigs.

The crazy part is, it works. The second video at the gas station, which is obviously staged*, has been shared 14,000 times. The Orange becoming Jello has 25 million views. 

It makes sense that in a culture obsessed with fame, new creators are mirroring this method for getting views. My question is, will you do it? 

Maybe not to this extent, but we all have a choice to make. Offer our authentic selves – our vulnerable, creative selves to the world – or some version with a disclaimer*. 

Every interaction you have online is a chance to engage truly or to create something genuine. 

Even your website offers this chance. It can be full of marketing copy, but make it authentic to you and your brand. Strip out the platitudes. 

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Making up a false reality may work to get you short-term gains, but if you try to create something with lasting significance, the authentic will win over the contrived every time. 

*To comply with TOS for FB and Youtube, these authors put warnings like this under the initially displayed summary, “Please note that this page features scripted dramas, parody and satire. The events that take place in this particular short-film video are for entertainment purposes only. Thanks!”