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Don’t Launch a New SEO Strategy With a New Website

July 15, 2021

If you have a new website going live, it is going to impact your Organic Search presence. There is pretty much no way around it. This SEO change is often for the better, especially if your current site lacks technical SEO markup or critical up-to-date content. 

But besides the natural result of changing your website and hopefully improving your Search Engine presence, I encourage you to launch your new website without a simultaneous new SEO strategy. 

By doing this, you have a chance to see how your new website is performing in the wild without confounding factors. 

If you launch a new website with:

  • a new content marketing strategy, i.e., blog
  • sweepstakes with a viral invitation loop
  • guest blogs or media appearances around the web

You will never know if the new site outperforms the old one or if it was just all that other organic lift. 

When launching a new site, think about taking a 6-8 week pause on new strategies to evaluate the result of the new website on your Organic Search. Then, when you have a picture of how to tweak your website to move forward, add more to the mix one ingredient at a time. 

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