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Do you ever really finish a project?

September 21, 2022

I am starting to realize that very little work is finished. Like, finished finished.

We are all hoping for better than “that’s good enough,” but how often can you look back at a project that launched and say, “there’s nothing I would change.”

In my experience, it doesn’t happen all that often. Luckily, iterations and changes are possible in the digital realm even after the project has shipped. But no matter, you must pick a point of incompleteness and declare, “this is ready for the world.”

Declaring this project is done, is really saying that this moment approaching wholeness is satisfactory, and now I am moving forward.

Realizing that you may never truly finish helps you find a moment between the present and perfection to launch. It keeps your perspective real. It allows you to define the areas you want to get as close to complete as possible, and which are nice-to-haves.

If you feel like you are regularly finishing projects that are perfect, good for you – but if you are like me, realizing you may never truly feel finished brings the freedom to ship and move forward.

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