Death, Hackers, and Taxes

January 27, 2021

Hackers, the people I love to hate. I mean, really? You are going to use your time to program scripts that attack websites. For what? So you can redirect random websites to your Spam URL. Or so you can sell prescription drugs? 

Maybe I am missing something, but you could use that same energy and produce something meaningful for the world. You could create an idea that helps people and makes you money. What you are doing is akin to vandalism, or worse, if you steal data. 

Unfortunately, ‘hacked’ websites are one of life’s inevitabilities. Just like death and taxes, we don’t like it but should prepare for it. The website Internet Counter estimates there are 100,000 new hacks per day on an average day. Luckily, there are ways to curb the chances of being a victim.

How to stop the hacks in their tracks:

One: Stay up to date! 
If you can’t keep your plugins and CMS up to date on your own, you need someone who can. Unfortunately for you, websites are not static. Their code is always changing and always being probed for vulnerabilities. All major web platforms have regular updates to patch these holes. If you need ongoing website maintenance (hint: if you don’t have someone doing it, and you aren’t, you need maintenance), contact us about keeping your website updated! 

Two: Get off shared hosting. 
There are a ton of great options for fast, reliable, and secure hosting. If you like a more managed experience like a shared host, WP Engine and Flywheel offer super fast hosting with a secure technology stack. Essentially your website is siloed so that other web site’s files aren’t a backdoor to yours. 

For an even speedier experience with server-side security configured, ask us about running your website on a virtual dedicated server through Digital Ocean with technology management via SpinUpWP. This solution takes more management from us but has the most flexibility. You are reading this post from this solution right now!

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Three: Be ready in case the inevitable comes anyway.
Sometimes, despite all our best efforts, a website is compromised anyway. You should know that very rarely is any sensitive information at stake. Also, it isn’t personal. Bots run 99% of hacks, not people. Someone programs the hack and says, “go, find as many places to run as possible.” 

When you have The Sky Floor on your team, we get your site back up as quickly as possible. Often in a couple of hours or less. Backups are essential when cleaning up hacked website files. We pride ourselves on our ability to design and develop. To be creative and nerdy. That means we can use the command-line interface to clean up your website. If that sounds complicated, it is because it is. You act fast, get it back online and take steps to prevent a recurrence. 

Death, Hackers, and Taxes may all be inevitable, but you don’t have to be helpless. If you need ongoing support for your website, book a free consultation.