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Business Independence Day: How to Declare Independence

July 2, 2021

I am a firm believer that everyone has some unique value to offer the world. Not just a generic, anyone could do this, value, but a genuine perspective born from your specific experiences that can improve the world around you.

Not everyone wants to turn this value into a business. But if you do want to, I think you should try. I don’t see why anyone who wants to run their own business shouldn’t. I know it is scary to declare independence and strike it out on your own, but it is worth it. 

Here are some steps to declaring business independence:

Start Small
You don’t have to leave your stable job tomorrow to start your small business journey. Start with a side project and devote personal time to it. Discover what the market is looking for, hone and shift your marketing until you are ready to dive into the deep end.

Use Existing Networks and Tools
Look, you can either join an MLM or bother your friends and family with something you are creating. I would much prefer to tap into my network for something I own. Use your built-in network to start testing the market. 

Existing tools like Etsy, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace mean you don’t have to necessarily spend a ton of time and money working on how to sell. Use existing tools to get started and grow from there.

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When the Time is Right, Jump
There will always be that critical moment when it is time to jump off into the unknown of working for yourself. There are a lot of platitudes about this leap of faith that I won’t repeat. Only you can decide when the risk is worth it, given your obligations, savings, and traction. 

But know that there is a time when the risk of failure seems to outweigh the chance of success, but if you don’t take that risk, you may never fully realize the independence you crave. So I encourage you to think ahead for that moment and decide how far you are willing to go. 

Don’t quit before it’s too late. There are often rewards beyond the obvious ones on the other side!

Declaring independence is a war. But you can win it. Hopefully, tiny sparks are growing in your soul that start you on your adventure of business independence. You just might find a new career path, and the world will get to see all that beautiful value you have been storing away.